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A Dance of Light Glass Art
A Dance of Light Glass Art
A Dance of Light Glass Art

Artist Statement

As a kid, I was fascinated by early American history and loved to draw pictures of the early Navy square rigged battleships such as the U.S.S. Constitution. I loved the finite detail of the hulls, masts, rigging and attitudes of the different sails as the ships were underway. I think that spawned my desire to be in the military. Art was a wonderful diversion, but I had other goals and dreams. Besides, I could never have lived up to the perfection I would have expected of myself in the art world, and my talent was too narrow to ever consider realizing a career in such an endeavor.

I spent 20 years as a Marine Corps officer in combat arms and later in supporting roles. During this period, I spent a good amount of time traveling the world over on behalf of our Nation. In the process, however, I was afforded ample opportunities to see the artistry of the many cultures in the countries I visited. These experiences, perhaps, set the stage for my later involvement in artistic ventures.

While married to my second wife, and during the period following my retirement from the Marines, we opened a stained glass studio. At first, I handled the business end while my wife and a partner created the art glass pieces. Ultimately, an interest in what my wife was doing caused my right brain to kick in. Upon declaring my interest in the glass medium, my wife taught me the rudiments of the craft. During the next several years, mostly self taught on the finer points of glass work and developing my own style, I came to realize that the art glass medium was something that really appealed to me. Creating something with my hands, out of an idea in my head that people could enjoy, awakened the artistic side of me that had lain dormant since childhood. Upon the loss of my wife to cancer in 1998, the direction of my art transcended towards the styles of Frank Lloyd Wright and especially the abstract medium. This, combined with the traditional line drawings of my past and spiced with a touch of the whimsical on occasion, proved to be the most compelling combination in forming my style of art glass. It is my belief that crisp, clean lines, held to a minimum, allow the glass itself to speak with sparkle, clarity and authority. I tend towards the technical side of art rather than the ethereal. Having established my interest in art later in life, I place myself in the Grandma Moses mold, creating my glass pieces through my own perspectives rather than through any influences of others.

Though there are many facets of the art glass medium such as “hot” or blown glass, kiln formed glass, copper foiled, leaded and etched glass, I have chosen to stay primarily within the latter two genres. I would rather do a couple of things well than overextend myself trying to create glass art in all the venues. I do, however, incorporate some of the other glass disciplines into my pieces from time to time. I have been in the art glass business for over 17 years, and have a wide and varied range of experience in residential and commercial applications. I am also an active participant in the Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, and some of my etching work may be viewed in the end doors of caboose #05635. While preferring the abstract, I am comfortable in the traditional and more contemporary styles of glass. I sell my framed work through the Gallery, and do home or business projects on a commission basis. Thank you for taking the time to visit this web site.


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