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A Dance of Light Glass Art
A Dance of Light Glass Art
A Dance of Light Glass Art

Glass Art Commission Process

The information presented herein is to provide the potential art glass patron with a better understanding of the process in which an art glass piece is commissioned, whether it be framed, ready for hanging, or a product that will fit in a door, sidelight, transom, room divider or cabinet door.

First, A Dance of Light prefers to visit the location where the art glass will ultimately be installed. This offers me:

  • An introduction to personalities, decorating preferences and personal desires freely given in familiar surroundings.
  • A better vision of how best to serve the patron and the chance to take measurements.

If a visit is not possible:

  • The information must be passed via telephone, mail or e-mail.
  • The proper procedure for a patron to take measurements will be provided to ensure correctness.

Next, I will develop a computer design for the patron based upon all the variables determined as discussed above. Once the design is completed:

  • I will initiate a written contract to protect both parties. This may be done by fax or mail.
  • A non-refundable deposit for half the commission value will be required prior to the design(s) being submitted for review by the patron. The reason for this is that this gives both parties a commitment financially and in writing.
  • The design(s) will be mailed / e-mailed to the patron for comment, changes or acceptance.

Once the contract has been consummated, the deposit received and the design accepted, construction of the commission will begin. At the completion of the construction phase:

  • I will contact the patron to set up the installation time and date. Usually, this will take one hour or more, depending upon the size and number of the pieces, and the degree of difficulty expected.
  • The cost of breakage or damage is, of course, covered by A Dance of Light.

If installation is not feasible by A Dance of Light:

  • The patron or a contractor may make the installation.
  • Shipping of the commission is possible, but for a pre-arranged, additional charge for crating, insurance and shipping.
  • Crating is accomplished by constructing a plywood case screwed together. Styrofoam packing is then cut to fit the glass piece and snugly fitted inside the crate.
  • The patron should be aware that once the commission is received, he/she or the contractor, as decided by the patron, will be responsible for any breakage or damage which occurs.

Questions are encouraged should they arise. Email Brooks at: Brooks@ADanceofLight.com


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